mixed media artist


Catherine's art is inspiring and powerful. Her compositions are full of energy and can you can feel her creativity and the adventure that each piece offers. Can't stop lookin'
Larry Brandstetter - 20 Apr 2022
Catherine's work is like none other! Each work tells a story that is unique to the viewer. I think of it as meditation for our eyes! When I look at her work I get lost in my thoughts about what it means to me and what she was trying to tell us. This is not art to just hang on the wall...this is art to touch your heart, soul and emotions. Catherine and her work will be noticed and recognized for the amazing person she is and the amazing talent she has!
Lana Sandahl - 17 May 2021
An easy accessible, informative and well represented website showing all genres of your work. I personally recognise aspects of your life in many of the art works. You have drawn on your love of needlework and fashion design and have not been afraid of " baring your soul" psychologically in some images of your life experience.
June Hoddinott - 26 Nov 2019
Nice work! Curious if you start out playful and then landing or are you a pre planner. Looks like collage parts could be other photos of your work printed and then collaged. I have problem midway of balancing planned and spontaneous marks and shapes, my two personalities!
Marcia Athens - 10 Sep 2019
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