mixed media artist

artist statement


With a sense of playfulness and risk, I pick up my brushes. Imaginary forms appear as I access my inner world and the narrative begins. 

Using multilayered images, the stories start to come alive. By combining seemingly unrelated images, I am led to new narratives and surprising metaphors. These stories often reference my fascination with fairytales, imaginary worlds, architecture and sacred spaces.

In my studio I give my subconscious free rein to express my innermost thoughts and buried memories, inviting references to long ago myths and legends. My paintings suggest dream worlds where fiction and reality meet, often revealing a microcosm of the human experience, both real and surreal, showing hints of a rich past, vibrant present and enchanting future.

My art invites the viewer into an imaginary world of my creating, while leaving room for them to see and experience their own stories.